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Volunteer of the Month

August - Rev. Marc Lapointe

Congratulations to Rev. Marc Lapointe, our August Tim Hortons Volunteer of the Month 

Here's a look back at why this Rock Star Volunteer was nominated as the Tim Hortons Volunteer of the Week: 

The QEII Hospital is privileged to have a chaplaincy position which is assisted by on-call chaplains. Alberta Health Services Volunteer Resources recognizes Rev. Marc Lapointe for his assistance in this way, as well as give recognition to his excellent service for the weekly chapel services in May. As Volunteer of the Week we recognize the spiritual encouragement you bring to our community.

 ~  Alberta Health Services Volunteer Resources


As the winner of the Tim Hortons Volunteer of the Month draw Rev. Marc Lapointe has won a band new Tim Hortons Coffee brewer! The staff and board of the GPVSB thank our sponsors at Tim Hortons for helping us fuel the volunteers of Grande Prairie one cup of coffee at a time, or in Rev. Lapointe's case 10 cups of coffee in just 3 mins!


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