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The Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau is the center
of Grande Prairie’s community non - profit sector.  We work
collaboratively with individuals, non-profits, educational
institutions, and the corporate sector to provide programs
 opportunities and advocacy to develop a vibrant, growing
community that cares.

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__  We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give. --Winston Churchill                                       

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Whilst planning retirement Jim Brooks could not have imagined that he would be taking on a full-time volunteer career; however for the last several years that is precisely what he has undertaken. Having begun his voluntary career with Big Brothers Big Sisters several years ago, Jim has since moved on to offer his handy man skills to organizations such as the GP Museum, GP Live Theatre (GPLT) and the GP Performing Arts Guild (GPPAG) to which he claims to have almost become “an employee”.  Indeed, Lane Smith a representative of the GPPAG notes:

Jim’s contribution of time and skills has helped us manage and provide many different shows and events over the past 8 years. His efforts have allowed the GP Performing Arts Guild to offer quality productions to patrons, actors, directors, stage crew and the public!

Jim’s skills and knowledge are prevalent throughout The Showcase Centre. According to Lisa, the GPVSB “Caught in the Act” Liaison, “[Jim’s] carpentry skills are very apparent in the sets and props he is building... he even  told me, step by step, how the church was transformed into a theatre!”. Jim sees a decrease in the number of volunteers as “younger people today are not as interested and the older volunteers are getting tired”.

Fortunately, for Jim, volunteering keeps him active and energized!  He claims, “If I wasn’t volunteering, I probably would be sitting around home, doing chores”. Jim encourages those thinking of volunteering to get up and get involved! “Do what you can,” he says adding “you will enjoy yourself”.      












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The Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau is proud to serve such a fundamental role in the development of our great city, and we look forward to exploring how you can become involved in this journey!   


 Cedrick is this year’s president of the Swan City Rotary Club and the president of the ACFA, Francophone Association for Grande Prairie.  These are 100% volunteer positions and require a lot of dedication from anyone taking them on.  Cedrick has chosen to take on both presidential positions in the same year which requires countless hours of his personal time.  He takes his leadership role seriously and is an excellent ambassador for both organizations.  Cedrick leads by example by being the person who volunteers more hours for these organizations than anyone else and seeking no recognition for that work.

~Dan Wong, Swan City Rotary Club~